Pro Ethical Trade Finland

Who are we?

Pro Ethical Trade Finland (“Eetti”) is a Finnish NGO that promotes equitable global trade, sustainable production and responsible consumption. We start discussions on problems in global supply chains and motivate companies to become more responsible. As a volunteer at Eetti, you can help producers and workers in developing countries. We also campaign for ethical public procurement.

Our campaigns and school visits reach thousands of people every year. More than 90% of Finns know what Fairtrade is, and the sales of Fairtrade labelled products have increased by tens or per cent on an annual basis. At the moment, there are fourteen Fairtrade Towns in Finland, and many more have their applications pending. Through the campaigns of Eetti, you can affect global trade issues, such as working conditions at textile factories in Cambodia or the wages of workers at South African wineries.

What we do?

  • Raise awareness on problems in global trade
  • Promote responsible business models
  • Offer training to volunteers on campaigns
  • Visit schools and develop teaching materials
  • Organise campaign events and sell coffee at festivals
  • Campaign for ethical public procurement

What would you like to do? Join us!